A trip to the west coast

Seal with opaque eye, Victoria, BC

I’ve never been much of a wildlife photographer.

I don’t have the patience and never had the time. Lugging big lenses over rough terrain, using a tripod and waiting for hours in a blind has never been my thing.

But now I’m trying to change that.

In the next year of so, I’m planning to slow down and use the camera in a more reflective way. I want to explore techniques that newspaper photographers don’t use and I want to make photographs that I own, not just in the literal sense, but in the creative sense, too.

That said, I don’t plan to abandon the skills that I’ve learned and honed as a daily newspaper photojournalist. I’ll just use them when they suit the situation I’m photographing.

This harbour seal, one of three, was waiting for a handout of fish from tourists in the Victoria, BC harbour. He’d hover a foot or two below the surface trying to compete with the other animals and a handful of aggressive gulls for a quick snack. It appeared that his eye was damaged, perhaps in a tussle with a gull.

Fountains at Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC

Fish and chips with David and Mike at Steveston, Richmond, BC

Autumn leaves near Port Alberni, BC

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