A joyful experience


Back in the day, photography was a joyful thing.

I enjoyed the feel of a camera in my hand and the silky smoothness of focusing a good lens. I enjoyed the quiet solitude of developing film and the combination of science and art that was printing in the darkroom. And I enjoyed the new experiences I had each day as I photographed my community and my world.

But over the years photography became less joyful. It became a job. In fact it was my job and taking pictures became routine.

And that isn’t a good thing.

So this morning, with clear skies and temperatures plunging I set out to make a photograph that I’ve been meaning to do for some time. I drove to the Bow River and photographed mist rising from the river at dawn.

And it was joyful.

I hope this picture brings you joy and I wish you all a joyful Christmas and New Year.

9 thoughts on “A joyful experience

  1. Grant when I saw you were taking time to explore creative soul, I was so glad to hear it. WOW, tis amazing work there. At first glance I thought the first sentence in your blog, said Black in the day, as opposed to back in the day. And I thought Black in the Day, what a great name for a person to live on the creative side of life. Good work!

  2. Rob from Windsor: Both Shirley and I feel that you captured the positive beauty of winter: sun and mist both highlighting and veiling Nature’s fluid movements. Thanks for sharing your perceptions and feelings. Merry Christmas to both you and Lee Ann and Happy Snapping!

  3. Wow…that pretty well mirrors my thoughts about photography right now! I can’t wait to discover the joy of photography again one day. Best wishes Grant!

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